Single deep acrylic (plexiglass) Langstroth frame observation bee hive. The beauty of this hive is that it's completely clear all around so the focus is on the bees not pieces of wood or hardware obstructing the view. Great for school demonstrations, farmers markets, and yard parties.

Constructed from durable acrylic and cemented for super strong unions. The top sits in a recessed channel and is removable for easy insertion of frame. 


-100% clear all the way around

-Correct "bee space" around frame allows easy movement of bees

-Ventilation holes for bees to breathe and maintain temperature

-Sturdy base with non-slip feet

-Top held in place by the side walls but acrylic clasps or super strong N52 Neodymium magnets (4.5 lbs of pull force per magnet) can be added for $5 more

-Easy to clean with window cleaner

Bees and frame not included!


Please contact Landhaus H Apiaries at

415-728-5814, or

Our price is $179 + shipping.

Shipped fully assembled.