Emerald Hills Fence Bee Rescue

Post date: Nov 05, 2016 11:4:21 PM

Some neighbors in Redwood City (Emerald Hills) wanted to have a bee colony rescued from a fence alongside their driveway so what could we do but say YES!? This colony has been in place for 2-3 years and unfortunately a passerby was stung so it was time to move to a new home. The size of the nest was not immediately known but once again the FLIR helped minimize the amount of work and damaged needed to be done.

The broodnest was textbook perfect with concentric rings of eggs, brood, capped brood, and stores. We were able to remove 4 deep frames of this comb, honey, and pollen and found a magnificent queen.

The caged queen was attached to a key brood frame and moved to a new hive box with the rest of the bees from the wall. Springtime has spring so she’ll be able to quickly build up her colony in peace now.