Bee Tree Rescue in Portola Valley

Post date: Nov 05, 2016 11:5:15 PM

This weekend we took on a major rescue with Todd from Bee Progressive. A gigantic oak tree had been removed from a property in Portola Valley and placed in a temporary yard before being moved for firewood processing in a few days out in Half Moon Bay. Todd brought in a generator and we bought in the chainsaw and vacuum and over the next few hours we carefully sectioned away pieces of the oak to expose the broodnest and stores, which were removed and placed into empty frames for placement into nuc boxes. All said and done, we collected about 5 lbs of bees, 8 frames of brood and food stores, and maybe 20 lbs of honey. We were really happy to have had the opportunity to rescue this booming colony of local native bees before they were destroyed.